Featured Partners

Corporate Partners

Unwavering in our commitment to help people in need, NYC Medics is honored to work with like minded partners who share a common goal of treating people with dignity, integrity and compassion.

NYCM cultivates thoughtful and innovative collaboration with our partners. There are many ways to support our medical missions, while meeting corporate philanthropic goals.

Receiving thousands of dollars of in-kind gifts from companies throughout the United States allows NYCM to maintain a very efficient work model, enabling us to put more money directly toward relief efforts. Examples of such items include medicines and medical supplies (identified on our essential needs list), camping equipment, non-perishable foods and water purification.

As with any global humanitarian organization, financial support of both individual and corporate partners is an essential element of our ability to help those in most need. Please consider making a financial donation to our global relief efforts today. There are many ways your company can support our work (employee giving programs, region specific disaster relief support, etc.)

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Nonprofit Partners

For any mission to be successful it is essential to work in unison with the larger relief efforts. NYC Medics prides itself on working together with other likeminded nonprofit organizations whose goal is to alleviate human suffering and saving lives. Our nonprofit partners include larger humanitarian organizations that provide billions of dollars of humanitarian aid throughout the world to smaller organizations with defined programs that target specific needs to local partners working in their communities outside of the US. Together, with these organizations our mission of responding to disasters and humanitarian crises becomes actionable. Together, with our partners we save lives.

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