Volunteer Experience

At NYCM we strive beyond just recruiting another volunteer but hope that you become part of the NYCM family that has made us who we are today. We realize volunteering is a lofty commitment and one that poses many challenges to the volunteer and his/ hers every day responsibilities. We make every effort to ensure that each deployment is safe and successful, and that all team members have a fulfilling, memorable experience.

Quotes From Volunteers

“I was with the first NYCM team that responded to Haiti after the earthquake. Despite our varied backgrounds and experiences, the team achieved excellent cohesion immediately. We were able to evaluate and treat hundreds of patients, many with potentially life threatening injuries, who would otherwise have not received care of any kind. Everything just clicked from day one allowing us to work in a rapid and efficient manner. I really felt like my input and suggestions were valued by other team members and was very impressed with the way the leadership involved all team members in every significant decision. I would not hesitate for a moment if asked to accompany this team again on another similar endeavor. These guys are all pros and I felt honored and privileged to be invited to participate with them in this important and life changing work”.

Eric Holden, PA-C, MPA, EMT-P
Emergency Medicine PA

“A successful mission abroad depends in part on your own experience, but mainly on the organization that will help you focus on direct medical care — assuring you have all the necessary equipments while at the same time providing you a safe environment.  In disaster relief, such as the Haiti Earthquake, this was primordial and NYCMedics was able to accomplish that.  My two weeks in Haiti was a heartbreaking experience, however, the mission was accomplished.”


Cyril Thomas MS PA-C, RRT

“After treating patients until about 4:00 or 4:30 PM, we would go out and work the lines of people that were still waiting trying to identify any really sick people and treating as many others as we could. After we packed up, we set out for the real trial of the day, to find a hospital to accept any patients that had not yet been transported. Since there were no ambulances, we had to depend on the military or any other vehicle that was going near a treatment facility.”

“I had the privilege of working with NYC Medics after the Typhoon last year in the Philippines. We were able to accomplish things I never thought would have been possible before leaving. The group specializes in putting small and therefore mobile/flexible groups in the field which allowed for us to get to the more remote and isolated areas that large NGOs wouldn’t dare try to reach. What large group would have been able to airlift groups onto the most remote island villages with the help of the US Marines and Navy in order to establish a clinic? Mind you some of these areas had not had any medical access for one year prior to the storm! This required incredible organization prior to leaving with regards to setting up the highly qualified teams with all the necessary supplies for a proposed plan. In addition, once on the ground, the highly coordinated field operations allowed for a successful, dynamic and efficient execution of the plan. Without a doubt, I would be honored to volunteer my time again with this group! The experience was amazing and most certainly rewarding. A lot more than I had ever hoped for.”

Anonymous Volunteer


“This organization is made of people that are from and in the trenches to aid others in disaster scenerios. This group gives more and makes go further the monies it operates with to get to the people that other larger ngo’s and non-profits would otherwise overlook. We are all volunteers paying it forward, doing the right thing for itself and no other reward. Light, fast, direct – no red tape, no beauracracy – see a need and fill it. EMT’s, MD’s, PA’s, EMT-P’s, RN’s and other health care professionals going and doing what others will not. We bring our own personal supplies to live- i.e., tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies and food to where we deploy worldwide on moments notice – and leave it all behind for those less fortunate when our mission is over – pound for pound – the greatest, toughest group of unsung hero’s that ARE there when needed – to do the right thing. Pay it forward – this is by far the best charitable organization I’ve ever had the privilege of being part of.”

Anonymous Volunteer

“It’s a great organization that is based on the spirit of volunteerism. Their volunteers give freely of themselves and their skill to help people in need, putting themselves, at times, in harms way to help others. I applaud their dedication and commitment to helping people in unfortunate, life threatening circumstances. They are incredibly effective and efficient. I know that my money is being put to the best use possible.” 


“I was at the Vargas (Venezuela) mudslides, Bandah Aceh, and Haiti – which is where I came on board to do logistical field work for NYC Medics. Throughout all those disasters I never saw another disaster relief group works as hard as NYC Medics. Their hunger to be where nobody goes, where folks have been forgotten, is one of kind. They are frugal, smart, tough as nails, and find ways to collaborate with both government agencies and other non government agencies to effect change and save lives. I’m proud of our work in Haiti and I’m cheering this organization on in all its efforts.”

Dan Ramirez, Logistician ,PAP, Haiti




 The Application Process

The NYC Medics application process begins with our online application. Please contact us if you have some circumstance that requires you to mail in your application.

Once a completed application is submitted we will review your application and contact you to schedule a telephone interview. This allows us to learn more of the applicants, their motivation and availability for future missions. This interview is also an opportunity for applicants to learn more about our work and operations. Following a successful telephone interview, applicants will be entered into our disaster relief roster.

How Deployments Work

NYC Medics missions often occur without warning in response to sudden catastrophes worldwide. In the first few hours after such an event, we will begin contacting volunteers who have successfully completed the entire application process. As a minimum, in order to be included on a team, volunteers should be able to deploy within 72 hrs for a minimum of 14 days.

NYC Medics will have an advanced team on the ground immediately after an event to assess the situation and advise the first incoming team. After the first team, further teams will bolster the operation, as well as replace volunteers who are returning home. Volunteer teams are directed in-country by an experienced public health disaster relief professional; however, all team members play a vital role in the mission.

Volunteer Spotlight

Narcisse Dalzon

“Legacy” is often an over-used word these days; it seems that everyone and everything has to have one, but with Narcisse Dalzon it’s true. He has left behind a very real legacy, one that will affect the way we do things at NYC Medics for a very long time to come.

Within four days of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti the NYCM assessment team arrived in Port au Prince. To our great fortune we were introduced to Narcisse; little did we know at the time just how fortunate we were to have met him. From the start, Narcisse was determined to help in any capacity and was instrumental to our success in helping thousands of people who suffered from the earthquake. Our bond was further fortified to learn he lived in New York for many years and was a veteran of the United States Marine Corp.

Over the course of our three months not only did Narcisse provide us with transportation and safety, but he became a friend, a member of our team who will always be part of our core. His efforts on our behalf were relentless; he assisted with identification of camps in need of medical care, he translated for our volunteers, he transported medical evacuations, he made us laugh at the end of 16 hour days, he made us smile when the sadness of the tragedy was overwhelming, he was quick to offer a hand shake, a pat on the back or a much needed hug of encouragement, yet the most fascinating and instrumental quality of Narcisse was his empathy and compassion for his fellow countrymen. Regardless of his own suffering inflicted by the earthquake, he, without fail, was always ready to help those less fortunate.

Narcisse was living in Haiti with his family when the earthquake struck, and even then, as a survivor in the midst of his own pain, his heroism shone brightly. In addition to helping his family, he rescued his neighbor; without a moment’s thought or concern for his own safety Narcisse risked his own life running into a fragile, unstable building to pull an elderly man, trapped in the ruins of his home, to safety. He was a hero in his own right, and will always remain a hero to those of us at NYCM who had the honor and privilege of working with him.

His smile and humor was a comfort through many long difficult days. He took pride in knowing that we were his responsibility; his long days with us would not finish until we were settled back in our home safely. Once we returned back to the states, Narcisse would regularly call and express his love and the impression we had individually left in Haiti.

Narcisse was tragically killed on September 4, 2010 in Port au Prince. The thought of returning to Haiti and not have him waiting for us at the airport has become a hollow in our hearts. It is in that vein that we humbly offer the first NYCM volunteer spotlight to our friend, our brother, Narcisse Dalzon. It is but a small, simple expression of our gratitude and love for our friend who is dearly missed and whose impact on our lives has left an indelible mark that will remain forever.

Volunteer Qualifications


NYCM offers many exciting ways to get involved, whether working with our dedicated staff at headquarters or on one of our disaster relief missions, our volunteers help deliver essential life-saving medical care in the aftermath of a disaster.

Disaster Relief Medical Volunteers: NYCMs’ mobile medical teams work to minimize the loss of life and alleviate human suffering of disaster-affected populations throughout the world. Our mission is to grant access to life-saving emergency medical services to people who would otherwise not receive humanitarian aid.

NYCM actively recruits highly trained medical personnel to add to our disaster relief roster, which requires that volunteers be willing to deploy rapidly—usually within 72 hours— for a duration of 14 days. In some instances, volunteers will be required to pay for their own flights, but will receive a food allowance for each day spent in the field, shared housing, and emergency medical evacuation insurance. Should this be necessary you will be told during the initial disaster response phone call.

Although all qualified medical professionals are welcome to submit an application we encourage the applications of those with experience in the following specialties:

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Anesthesiology
  • Physician Assistants
  • Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Nurse-Anesthetists
  • Nurse-Midwives /Certified Midwives
  • Pharmacists
  • Paramedics


  • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience (for physicians, completion of residency)
  • Ability to deploy within 72hrs of notification
  • Availability for a minimum of 14 days
  • Current licensure (must be submitted with application and/or updated upon mission assignment)
  • No recent gap in clinical experience greater than 2 years
  • French, Arabic and Spanish language skills are a major asset
  • Relevant travel or work outside the United States
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to work  in stressful environment with minimal resources
  • Current or recent practical experience beneficial

Non-Medical Volunteers: NYCM is always looking for highly motivated non-medical volunteers and interns to assist with a broad variety of administrative tasks. We encourage people with interest and experience in the following areas to contact us directly: communications and public relations, graphic design, web development, social media marketing, fundraising and special events volunteer@nycmedics.org.

Due to the high volume of inquiries NYCM receives about its volunteer opportunities, we can only respond to those candidates matched with appropriate opportunities. We sincerely thank you for your interest in volunteering! And always feel free to contact us with any questions.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Bios

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