What is NYCM?

We are a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate emergency medical care to people in need in the aftermath of a disaster and support ongoing aid efforts in complex humanitarian emergencies, irrespective of location, race, creed or political affiliation. Our EIN is: 20-4209205.

What type of aid does NYCM provide?

NYCM provides life saving medical care to survivors of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. To date we have treated more than 27,000 people in distress, many of whom would have perished without our care.

What makes NYCM different from other relief organizations?

NYC Medics focal point is to start at the back of the relief line – setting us apart from other organizations that start at the front – by accessing remote areas where the greatest emergent needs exist, where local resources are strained, and larger humanitarian organizations have not yet, or are unable to reach.

NYC Medics specializes in accessing these difficult areas with mobile medical teams to provide top medical care and serve as forward triage for local and other international aid organizations.

Our motto is light and lighter; more mobile, more flexible, more cost-effective, less bureaucratic.

Does NYCM respond to disasters in the United States?

Our focus is primarily international at the moment, however, we are actively assessing our ability to work in a domestic capacity.  We take great pride in the fact that our volunteers are on the front-lines everyday here in the United States, and in the event of a disaster they typically and routinely participate in relief efforts.

How much of my financial donation directly helps people in need?

NYCM is deeply committed to fiscal responsibility; it is our obligation to donors who entrust us with their hard earned money. 85% of NYCM total expenses directly support our global relief efforts providing life-saving medical care to people in need. Only 15% of expended resources go to essential administrative functions that directly support our work. NYCM is proud to maintain such a low overhead; we owe it all to our dedicated volunteers and small group of hardworking staff! All medical teams deployed to disaster relief efforts are comprised of amazing volunteer medical professionals, without whom our work would not be possible.

How are financial contributions used?

NYCM relies on financial contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations to respond to people in need in the aftermath of a disaster. Unrestricted donations to our Global Relief Fund allows NYCM the flexibility to rapidly respond to critical emergencies throughout the world. Transportation in and out of relief zones as well as the procurement of essential medicine and medical supplies represents a large share of NYCM expenses.

Where do you stand on donor privacy?

We value our donors and we take their privacy seriously. NYCMedics respects the privacy of the personal and organizational information that we are privileged to acquire. Our commitment to privacy includes how we obtain, use, protect, and share information.

We will not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. Contributing individuals and organizations are listed alphabetically in publications such as our annual reports, and we always honor requests from those who wish to be listed as Anonymous.

How does NYCM obtain its relief supplies?

Following SPERE and WHO standards and guidelines, NYCM created an essential needs list targeting medicine and medical supplies required in a disaster setting.

When a disaster strikes, NYCM relief experts work with local partners in the affected area to assess medical and humanitarian needs. Our logistics team works tirelessly with many corporate and nonprofit partners to first obtain appropriate donations and, when necessary, the most cost-efficient supply rates available. At a minimum, we procure enough to support a fully self sufficient mobile medical team on the ground for no less than seven days, thus allowing the larger governing bodies of the relief effort time to institute restocking procedures. To learn more about donating an ‘essential needs item’ please contact Corporate Relations at corporate@nycmedics.org.

Can I volunteer for NYCM?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for engaging, compassionate people to volunteer either in the field or in the office. Our programming requires specific expertise and experience. Please visit our volunteer page or contact Volunteer Services at volunteer@nycmedics.org for more information.

Can I make a donation of food, clothing or medicines to NYCM for people affected by the disaster?

Unfortunately, because of the excessive resources involved in collecting, sorting, warehousing and shipping individually donated items, we are unable to accept these donations. The best way to support the NYCM mission is through a financial gift or by volunteering your time. Financial contributions are critical to our relief efforts. Your support allows us to manage the complex logistics involved with deploying medical teams and essential supplies into the relief areas as quickly as possible and purchase medicines when product donations are not available.

I didn’t get a tax receipt for my donation. How can I obtain one?

A duplicate tax receipt can be requested by contacting our donor relations department donor@nycmedics.org

How do I contact NYCM?

Phone: +1 888-600-1648
Mail: NYC Medics, 2307 7th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10030-2603