NYC Medics rapidly deploys to remote and difficult to reach areas in disaster zones and complex humanitarian emergencies providing the highest level of medical care with dignity, integrity and compassion to people who would otherwise not have access to aid and relief efforts.

Vision Statement

NYC Medics is unwavering in our commitment to help people in need affected by disaster. We strive to uphold the highest standards of medical practice and seek to incorporate them into best practices and disaster relief protocols that will assist peer groups in their efforts. We seek to standardize efficient, effective mobile medical services throughout emergency relief efforts.   NYC Medics will be a global relief organization that works in unison within the larger humanitarian response to disasters throughout the world.


Maintain open and transparent operations

Provide top tier medical care to all human beings

Deploy rapidly, without haste, to any region of the world

Empower survivors and promote healing within communities

Incorporate standards set by the humanitarian community

Share knowledge and best practices

Serve with compassion, integrity and humanity