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NYC Medics rapidly deploys to remote and difficult to reach areas in disaster zones and complex humanitarian emergencies providing the highest level of medical care with dignity, integrity and compassion to people who would otherwise not have access to aid and relief efforts.

NYCMedics on 60 Minutes

“Aftershock In Pakistan” an Emmy award winning segment featured NYC Medics saving lives in the aftermath of the 2005 Southeast Asia earthquake.

“Nearly 90,000 people have already died after an earthquake ravaged Kashmir, Pakistan. Bob Simon joins some extraordinary NYC paramedics who are trying to save lives under extreme conditions in this Emmy award winning segment.”

Original air date: 11/13/05
Producers: Michael Gavshon and
Solly Granatstein
Correspondent: Bob Simon

The Power of Humanity

As the year comes to an end saying “thank you” seems hardly enough to show our enormous gratitude for the support you have shown us throughout the year. So, we made this video as our way of letting you know how much we appreciate you!

Whether you shared your time, your knowledge or made a donation, everything we have accomplished is because of you and for that we are eternally grateful.

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NYCM has put medical volunteers into the field to provide life saving medical care for approximately $80 a day.  This means that on average we can medically intervene in someones life for $4.  We think this is a remarkable number.  When you realize how important $4 can be, efficiency becomes a core value.

You can feel confident knowing that 90 cents of every dollar donated supports NYC Medics disaster relief and humanitarian aid programs.

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