Mission Statement

NYC Medics rapidly deploys to remote and difficult to reach areas in disaster zones and complex humanitarian emergencies providing the highest level of medical care with dignity, integrity and compassion to people who would otherwise not have access to aid and relief efforts.

Ebola Volunteer Deployment Survey

The Ebola outbreak is quickly becoming a global crisis. A response by NYC Medics is being considered and we need to poll our network to find out what resources we might be able to offer.

There is no commitment required at this point, but we need ballpark availability figures as soon as possible. If you’re interested, please let us know by completing this form.  We will be in touch with everyone who responds as soon as we have more information or determine our response efforts. Continue

Double Your Impact!

Ask your employer about their matching gift program and double your impact in three simple steps:

Step One:  Make a donation here

Step Two: Obtain the appropriate paperwork from your employer and fill out the indicated section

Step Three: Mail the form to NYCM and we take care of the rest!

Donate Now

NYCM has put medical volunteers into the field to provide life saving medical care for approximately $80 a day.  This means that on average we can medically intervene in someones life for $4.  We think this is a remarkable number.  When you realize how important $4 can be, efficiency becomes a core value.

You can feel confident knowing that 90 cents of every dollar donated supports NYC Medics disaster relief and humanitarian aid programs.

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